Quintessences are designed to uplift your spirit. They offer us the opportunity to become more conscious and clear about specific qualities and issues in ourselves and our life. Each one is different and unique, invoking the most positive energies of its own colour ray.  Using these invokes the Master energies within ourselves, and enables us to bring forth the most positive attributes of these Master energies into our personal sphere.
Quintessences work with the astral and etheric bodies of the subtle energy field.  They are very helpful for meditation, prayer or contemplation.   

When the Quintessences were born Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, was astonished to find the energies of the colours were personalised and that the names she received related to names given to the great spiritual teachers by early Theosophists.  She spoke of this range as 'a hotline to heaven' that is within each of us.


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