This set offers Equilibrium bottles which most closely relate to each of the 7 primary chakras. This is known as the basic Chakra Set. It comprises:
Bottle 5 - Sunset Bottle : 1st Chakra - Feet to pubic bone
Bottle 26 - Etheric Rescue/Shock Bottle/Humpty Dumpty: 2nd Chakra - Pubic bone to Navel
Bottle 4 - Sunlight Bottle : 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus
Bottle 3 - The Heart Bottle/Atlantean Bottle : 4th Chakra - Heart
Bottle 2 - The Peace Bottle: 5th Chakra - Throat -
Bottle 1 - Physical Rescue: 6th Chakra - Third Eye to Crown
Bottle 20 - Star Child Bottle: 7th Chakra - Crown

This set can be used for meditations, chakra balancing, chakra massage and much more.

1. Apply bottle contents to the front and back of the chakra area, or
2. In massage, massage each chakra area with the corresponding bottle. You might like to place the bottles under the massage table at the point of each chakra.
3. For meditation, place each bottle on your chakras and meditate on the colours, bringing them into your awareness as you work your way up from your feet to your crown

Chakra Set

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