A beautiful collection of Aura-Soma sets for you, whether you're a Doula, a Midwife, a Mama, are pregnant, are about to give birth, or have recently had your baby. 

These Pregnancy and Birthing sets will inspire and support you. 

The Pregnancy set is a gentle and loving way to nurture yourself and baby with the finest vibration of colour and light. 

The Birthing sets lift the vibration of all who experience them and create a beautiful space around you. 

The Baby Nurture set gently supports your baby with the peace of El Morya and love and unconditional acceptance of the soft pink - what better way to start out in life?

The inspiration for these sets comes from my own experience of joyous pregnancy and the birth of our two beautiful sons born at home in water.  

All products contain natural ingredients and are for external use only.

Pregnancy and Birthing Sets

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