On Service from The Colour Rose
This is the best on-line service I have ever experienced! The Aura-Soma Archangel Chamael oil is working beautifully.
Belinda, Sydney


On Aura-Soma Colour Consultations...

During my aura soma reading with Claire, I felt safe and attended to, allowing the power of the colours to penetrate and inform. It was an exciting experience with a wise and passionate practitioner! Thank you Claire for the clarity!

On Aura-Soma Products and how they have helped...
"Life is moving for me - really, it's wonderful, I don't feel so static and needed the support that this bottle of colour (The Guardian Angel, Bottle 44) seems to be providing. Thank you so much."
Anonymous, Sydney

"Aura-Soma has been a part of my, and my husband’s life, for many years now, but it was only recently that we came to understand just how powerful and wonderfully healing its properties can be. 

A few months ago our then 6-month old puppy was recovering from a routine operation, and was obviously in a great deal of pain. With guidance from Claire at The Colour Rose, I used the orange pomander with him, and was taken aback by the heat I felt in the palms of my hands as soon as I held them above his wound. He slept peacefully while I moved my hands around him, and by the next morning he was back to his usual mischievous, loving self – still a little slow and stiff, but obviously a much happier young pup!
Then just a week or so ago, we were excited to be able to use the new incense sticks. By then we had acquired a second puppy. The older one is a Border Collie, ten months old. The younger one is just five months old, a Border Collie/Kelpie cross. So they are both high-energy dogs – always rushing around finding things to chew, chase or play with! This particular evening they were even more hyperactive than ever, as though they had been on a diet of pure sugar – tearing around the house, chasing each other, the cats and generally getting under our feet, as they do. We were drawn to light Kuthumi, which we both absolutely love. Literally within a few minutes, both pups were lying on their beds, curled up and drifting off to sleep. We were astounded, but thought that it may just be coincidence, however since that occasion we have lit the Kuthumi several times, and each time it has the same effect on both of them. It’s absolutely amazing! We asked Claire if she had any ideas about why Kuthumi may have such a strong calming effect on the dogs, and she told us that Kuthumi is an incarnation of St Francis of Assisi, who among other things is strongly connected with animals.
What a wonderful gift we feel we have in sharing our connection with Aura-Soma, and we feel so blessed to be able to share its gift with two creatures so close to our hearts, and I am glad to be able to share our story with other animal lovers and Aura-Soma lovers out there."
Catriona Findlay, VIC

"I use Pomanders before school and it's really good to help me find my own space.  My favourites are turquoise and red. If I've had a bad day at school or if I'm scared about something I use some and it makes me feel much better.
Benjamin (10), NSW

 “I have recently started using the Pomanders and Air Conditioners for myself, in my private healing sessions, meditation groups and workshops and have found that every person who has experienced them has had a positive response. Some of these responses are comments of feelings of peace, the aroma, a sense of joy within, and being filled up with something beautiful. I can relate to all of the above but in particular what I love about the Essences is I find they bring me instantly back into my “present moment”, I am so aware of myself - my body and my inner Being.

Thank you Claire for always responding to my queries with informative explanations and recommendations. Your support to me re the use of these beautiful delights is really appreciated.”
With much love
Jenny Glover
Moonta Bay, SA

During a time of deep reflection and processing I intuitively used the combination of the Olive Green Pomander and Lady Nada Quintessence. This kept me conscious of allowing myself the time and space to do the work. Lady Nada made me feel pampered and centred around love and compassion for myself.
This combination has been really helpful for me in times of depression, overwhelm and a sense lack of direction.
Lauren W, NSW
After receiving some shocking news “I actually felt myself leave my body - an interesting experience I must say. The Humpty Dumpty was amazing and after using it, around 5 minutes later I felt integrated again. I use this from time to time and it helps greatly. 
If I have a restless night, I use the Deep Red spray the next day and it works a treat. I constantly use Orange and Violet and to mention your incense, they can certainly change the mood in a room very quickly and are just DIVINE.” 
G, Perth
For our wedding reception, we wanted something that captured our special day – we choose the Lady Nada Quintessence – this filled the room with of love, beauty and joy. When I use my Lady Nada air conditioner, it takes me back to our wonderful day with feelings of unconditional love and positiveness.
D. McCarthy, Perth WA
Humpty Dumpty arrived safely.  It reminds me of the childrens' nursery rhyme, and that reminds me that maybe, if we are not careful we will not be able to put Mother Earth back together again.  Everyone seems too busy to take care.  The Aura-soma products are subtle and gentle but amazingly powerful.  They are helping to put me back together again. Thankyou.


Last evening I had a consultation with Claire Hickson. I was instructed to pick four colour bottles which I did. I was very mindful not to pick colours that I liked and not to judge colours that I felt were just not my style. Anyway, I centered myself and picked four bottles.I have to say, those chosen were absolutely nothing like the colours I would ever consider wearing.

Aura Soma states "we are the colours we choose". How VERY true that turned out to be...... I was amazed.

Claire conducted the consult with great integrity and her wealth of knowledge allowed me to gain so much clarity on so many things.

If you are thinking about taking this step, all I can say from my experience, you will not be disappointed.

Glynis H
Perth. Western Australia.

Claire has given me three Aura-Soma readings at different times over the last few years, and her method of working with the bottles is overflowing with gentle love and light. She has a beautiful connection with the bottles and has a deep, unique intuition which she trusts to give a wonderful reading. After each reading I have felt loved, guided and highly validated. I would strongly recommend Claire to anyone who was thinking of working with Aura-Soma, especially to someone who doesn’t know much about the bottles or is new to Aura-Soma, since she has a gift for expressing and communicating her understanding of their messages."

I have been very fortunate to have had several readings with Claire.  Her gentle and caring nature, her intuitiveness, wisdom and openness, and her knowledge and love of Aura-Soma are always evident and have made each of my readings with her an enjoyable, absorbing and uplifting experience.


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