How to use your Aura-Soma Pomander
Pomanders cleanse, protect and energise your auric field and introduce the positive energies and messages of their colour.

Place three drops (or if using vials, place a small amount) in the palm of your left hand and rub both palms together.  Reach your hands above your head, imagining that you are offering the Pomander to the world, out of the left hand and back into the right hand. 

Gently offer the energies of the Pomander through your energy field, beginning at your crown and moving through every chakra and energy point.  Rest for a while at your heart, offering caring to all that concerns you, and then move through the solar plexus and down to the root. 

Offer the energies to the earth, imagining the energies of the Pomander connecting with your earth star and penetrating deeply into the layers of the earth.  Then, with your palms together, bring your hands up to your face and allow yourself to take three deep breaths of the aroma into your body.

*Pomanders come in a 25ml handy plastic bottle, and also as 20ml and 100ml air-conditioner room sprays. For room sprays, spray a small amount into your space for a divine experience.

How to use your Aura-Soma Pomander

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