Pomander Emerald Green - 25ml


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Emerald Green Pomander - 25ml

The 'Protector of our own Space - The Space Giver'. Emerald is for bringing peace into our own space helping us to find our own way. It can free us from old ideas and open us to new decisions, particularly if we're at a crossroads in our life.  It can be very helpful for clearing jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions.  Good for helping to connect with nature.  It calms the heart, helps expand breathing and is very helpful for breath-work.  Helps us connect with the truth in our heart. May help with agoraphobia and claustrophobia and give a sense that our space is protected and respected.  Helps set and protect boundaries especially between practitioner/therapist and client.  It is anti-pollutant and disinfectant for the environment and our subtle bodies.

This has a delightfully warm, woody, and slightly medicinal fragrance. It contains Rosemary and Scotch Pine essential oils, and the crystal energies of Malachite, Moldavide and Emerald.
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