Pomander Sapphire Blue - 25ml


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Sapphire Blue Pomander - 25ml

This is the Sapphire Blue Pomander. 'The Communication Protector'.  Supports the highest communication of love; focusing on our inspirational aspects it can help to overcome feelings of extreme isolation.  It deepens the peace within to help us become clearer and more relaxed.  When we expend less enegy in our own pre-occupations we have more energy available to do what we need. Very helpful for public speaking e.g. at markets and fairs, and for helping overcome issues with authority. It is protective and calming. This is a beautiful Pomander to use at times of transition, such as birth and death, changing schools and more. It can help lessen suffering at these times of transition.

This has a delightfully sweet, spicy and fresh fragrance. Its predominant essential oil is Cedar, and it contains the crystal energies of Aquamarine.
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