Quintessence - Presentation Set lof 2.5ml Vials


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Contains all 15 Quintessences in handy 2.5ml spray vials.

Includes El Morya, Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, The Christ,
Saint Germain, Pallas Athena & Aeolus, Orion & Angelica, Lady Portia,
Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin, Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus, Maha Chohan,
Djwal Khul, The Holy Grail & Solar Logos. 

A wonderful way to have every Master colour at your fingertips.

Quintessences work with the astral fields beyond the etheric body.  They invoke the most positive energies of the colour ray to which they are connected and invoke our own related qualities.

Place a small amount on your left wrist and gently rub both wrists together.  Extend your arms above your head, offering the energies of the Quintessence to the world.  At the same time, feel for a sense of contact with spirit. 
Then gently bring your hands down and cross your wrists over your crown.  Continue to open and close your arms, crossing them over each energy centre/chakra as if you were folding the energies around you.  When you come to your heart centre, rest there for a few moments with your hands crossed at your wrists.  Then continue on, drawing the energies through your lower chakras and finally offering the Quintessence to the earth. 
Then move your hands in backward spirals moving out from and up in front of your body until you again give the energies away to the world.  Finally bring your palms together at your forehead and deeply inhale three times the aroma of the Quintessence into your body.

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