Quintessence Air Conditioner - Serapis Bey - 20ml


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A handy 20ml spray air-conditioner for your space at home, work or car.

Serapis Bey : Clear Pearl "Purification and New Beginnings"

this helps clear energies and bring clarity and new beginnings. It protects, harmonises and seals auras if doing therapy or other work with clients, and also cleanses between sessions/appointments or meetings. It helps detoxify and balance on all levels and is good for cleansing quartz crystals.  It’s best used with a touch of pink, as it may bring up unshed tears however the pink of Lady Nada or a Pink Pomander helps bring in compassion and caring to that place. This is very effective for clearing energies in any space e.g. when moving house, to clear out your own as well as other people’s energies. Serapis Bey has a wonderful spicy and flowery fragrance.


Essential Oils: Frankincense, Bay, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Rose
Crystal Energies: Opal, Clear Quartz

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