Pocket Rescue - B89 Energy Rescue (25ml)


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 Pocket Energy Rescue

The Pocket Energy Rescue is Equilibrium Bottle 89 (Red / Deep Magenta)
packaged in a 25ml plastic bottle and is ideal for travel, handy to keep in your 'pocket' or for sharing.


These oils help awaken your energy, your true self, and stimulate self-healing energies.  The bottle facilitates personal growth. It helps the way you deal with anger and changes behaviour in relation to money. It assists in coping with anger and frustration and helps let go of resentment, especially if related to relationships.  It supports the healing of sexual difficulties, and helps where there may be an extreme lack of self-acceptance particularly if related to an emotional problem. Very helpful if you’ve suffered an electric shock.

This bottle also helps you to plug gaps where your energy is leaking, a pick-me-up in times of weariness or fatigue.  For whenever you need a boost of energy.  And even if you have an abundance of energy, B89 can assist you to control it, to channel it towards manifesting your dreams.  It can also help you feel more determined to achieve success in any arena of your life. With B89 you can tap an inner strength, a powerful reservoir of self-confidence. 

Apply around your entire lower abdomen.



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